We Brand – You Expand

Your company may be active on social media, but is it producing real results? The best social strategies employ several tactics that work together to build targeted customer relationships. As a flexible social media marketing team, we can partner with you to provide complete social campaign support, or we can become an extension of your in-house team.



  • Pick the plan the works best for you. We have several options to choose from but if you don’t see a perfect plan? Request a custom one!

  • You’ll be asked to provide some information on your account, your goals, and your preferences. You’ll then work 1-on-1 with a growth specialist to set up your account.

  • Within minutes you will notice the real followers, likes, and comments start to pour in. These are all organic actions as a result of your new increased exposure.



  • Target your followers.

  • Our advanced algorithms and social media expertise allow you to target specific leads that build up your influence. With 7 Seas Media Group, you get to grow your unique following of real people.

  • Whether you’re an outdoor brand, boat manufacturer, alcohol brand, hotel, restaurant, or local business, we make sure you get to reach out to the right people and GO VIRAL!



  • The call is free – the potential is limitless.

  • While you’re debating the merits of professional digital marketing services, your competitors are reaching new markets and driving new revenue. While you’re considering the cost/benefit of a targeted Instagram strategy, your business rivals are creeping up in the top results.

  • See exactly what we do to grow your company.